What is Canine Grass?

You can be sure that the grass is always greener at Pet Spas because in the Spring of 2020 we installed top quality canine grass in all of our outdoor play yards, and it’s getting rave reviews from our pups and their parents.
Canine grass is the ideal synthetic grass surface, designed specifically for dog environments. Made from premium materials and installed using customized methods for long-term durability. The grass drains and is easily cleaned. The short, dense blade construction of the grass simplifies the cleaning process. Solid waste rests on the surface for easy removal while the flow-through backing allows liquids to drain out immediately.

It’s super clean for their fur and it’s super comfortable on their paws. No muddy paws, no shifting gravel, no nasty cold concrete. We are proud to provide your dogs with this safer, cleaner, and fresher smelling environment.

With flexible drop-off and pick-up times, we keep the pups busy with activities and they are always supervised by our attentive associates. After a day of exercising and interacting with other dogs, your furry friend will be ready to spend a relaxing evening at home!