News Update: Winter 2021


To our valued Pet Spas clients,

In order to keep up with changing guidelines and uncertainties during the pandemic, and to continue providing your pets with an elite level of care, we will be adjusting our daycare packages and scheduling as well as holiday boarding policies.

Holiday Boarding:

We understand many people will not be traveling for the holidays or will need to cancel or change their plans last minute due to the pandemic. As such, we will be waiving our three-night minimum over the 2020 holiday season.

Daycare Packages:

The option of purchasing daycare packages provided the convenience of reserving and purchasing daycare at a slightly discounted price. Currently, with many clients still working from home and the state of the world constantly changing there is not a consistent demand for daycare from day to day. This has led us to re-examine the need for daycare packages and drove our decision to discontinue them.