Holiday Donations to Support HeartsHerd Animal Sanctuary

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Pet Spas & Suites is a Proud Supporter of HeartsHerd Animal Sanctuary

Read below for more information about how you can help animals in need this holiday season.

Happy Holidays and Here’s Hoping for a Wonderful NEW Year!

We thought 2019 had its challenges, no one could ever predict 2020!

Our challenges are not unique to anyone, especially a grass roots effort in a non for profit world.

There have many changes, mostly in able bodies, we are now only a few people trying to make a difference however our cause has remained steady and true to the betterment of animals’ lives.

All our efforts have been centered to the care of the animals.

We currently have five horses, three alpacas, one donkey,  three cows, five goats, one sheep, two pigs, three geese, six ducks, a flock of chickens and guinea hens, along with seven barn cats, three house cats and our dog.

We continue to be a part of both the Rensselaer and Albany County DA’s Task force for animal rights. Recently we have partnered with Unity House to help aide in housing victims’ pets for their programs to help end abuse. Networking with other organizations and referral programs for helping as many animals as possible will always be a part of our mission, as well.

Social media and correspondence with our supporters have been a desire to uphold, however it is our weakest trait. For this, please know you do have our humbled apology and complete gratitude for your support as it was given, even if we were remiss in acknowledgements over this past year.

Equally, fundraising is not our strong suit. Thankfully, the relationship we have with Pet Spas & Suites allows us a portion of their profit margin, along with support from some of their extraordinary clientele.

This is as much a Thank You letter as much as it is an awareness of the need for continued support to continue our cause. If we have not had the opportunity until now to explain how much your gifts are counted upon, please realize they have been true gifts.

Our monthly costs for the animals we care for is approximately $1,000.00

  • 4 Round bales of hay per week at $30 each = $480
  • 2 Grain deliveries per month at $150 = $300
  • 100 lbs of Dry cat food per month = $60
  • 2 Cases of canned cat food per month = $40
  • Hoof trimming $150 every 6 weeks =$108 per month

Our budget for veterinarian costs, medicine, equipment and needed supplies (such as bedding) is not included. Depending on our year, this can match our monthly needs. Additionally, housing and hired help is paid for by Tracy and Michelle personally. Any contribution this holiday season and throughout the coming year is crucial to our cause.

Thank you for your consideration and support!

Tracy, Michelle and the Herd