Tentative Soft Reopening


We miss our Pet Spas family!

We really miss our clients and CANNOT wait to be open again! Hopefully, on Monday, May 18th we will be doing a “soft” opening of curbside grooming and then daycare by Monday, June 1st, as long as EXECUTIVE ORDERS says it’s SAFE!

We will be calling clients within the next few weeks to make appointments based on appointments that we have missed. PLEASE, give us until Friday, May 15th before calling our salon because we ARE NOT THERE except for emergencies.



Tracy and the Team of Pet Spas and Suites

Please see below for the notice we received from NYS regarding our grooming and daycare services:

Dear Business Owner:

Thank you for seeking designation as an “essential business” under the revised New York State Executive Order 202.6 with respect to your business function of PET GROOMING SERVICES.

Based on the information you have provided, that business function is NOT an essential business UNLESS THE PET GROOMING SERVICES ARE MEDICALLY NECESSARY. To the extent THE SERVICES ARE MEDICALLY NECESSARY, only those employees that must be present to perform such services are permitted at the business location. No other employees/personnel shall be permitted to work from your business’s location.

Please also continue to comply with all other Executive Orders and recommendations from the New York State Department of Health.

Thank you.

Pet Spas & Suites
1 Cerone Commercial Drive
Albany, NY 12205